Cerec Machine

CEREC® 3D is the future of dentistry – and it's available today!

Your CEREC CAD/CAM system includes:

  • An acquisition unit
  • A milling unit – choose the new CEREC® MC XL or the CEREC® 3 Compact

These tools, combined with state-of-the-art 3D technology, let you create strong, beautiful, perfect-fitting ceramic restorations in one office visit.

CEREC's proven technology is ideal for dental practices of any size!

  • CEREC V3.03 software virtually eliminates CEREC's learning curve, making CEREC® 3D extremely easy to learn and use
  • Powerful – yet straightforward – tools enable the simplest, most predictable workflow, giving you total control over restorations
  • New-patented Biogeneric technology uses information from a library of hundreds of natural teeth to effortlessly restore missing tooth structure in the most natural way possible, thus creating optimal restorations
  • The CEREC® MC XL milling chamber, the newest (and fastest) addition to the CEREC family, mills single units in as little as four minutes. Plus, it's suitable for use with new and existing CEREC systems

CEREC is ready to enhance your practice's productivity and profitability like never before! Contact your local CEREC specialist or call 1.800.873.7683 for additional information.